Florida Counties

1) Escambia clerk
Escambia property appraiser
2) Santa Rosa clerk
Santa Rosa property appraiser
3) Okaloosa clerk
Okaloosa property appraiser
4) Walton clerk
Walton property appraiser
5) Holmes clerk
Holmes property appraiser
6) Washington clerk
Washington property appraiser
7) Bay clerk
Bay property appraiser
8) Jackson clerk
Jackson property appraiser
9) Calhoun clerk
Calhoun property appraiser
10) Gulf clerk
Gulf property appraiser
12) Liberty clerk
Liberty property appraiser
13) Franklin clerk
Franklin property appraiser
North Central
11) Gadsden clerk
Gadsden property appraiser
14) Leon clerk
Leon property appraiser
15) Wakulla clerk
Wakulla property appraiser
16) Jefferson clerk
Jefferson property appraiser
17) Madison clerk
Madison property appraiser
18) Taylor clerk
Taylor property appraiser
15) Wakulla clerk
Wakulla clerk
15) Wakulla property appraiser
19) Hamilton clerk
Hamilton property appraiser
20) Suwannee clerk
Suwannee property appraiser
21) Lafayette clerk
Lafayette property appraiser
22) Dixie clerk
Dixie property appraiser
23) Columbia clerk
Columbia property appraiser
24) Gilchrist clerk
Gilchrist property appraiser
25) Levy clerk
Levy property appraiser
27) Union clerk
Union property appraiser
28) Bradford clerk
Bradford property appraiser
29) Alachua clerk
Alachua property appraiser
26) Baker clerk
Baker property appraiser
31) Nassau clerk
Nassau property appraiser
32) Duval clerk
Duval property appraiser
33) Clay clerk
Clay property appraiser
34) St. Johns clerk
St. Johns property appraiser
35) Putnam clerk
Putnam property appraiser
36) Flagler clerk
Flagler property appraiser
Central West
42) Citrus clerk
Citrus property appraiser
43) Hernando clerk
Hernando property appraiser
44) Pinellas clerk
Pinellas property appraiser
45) Pasco clerk
Pasco property appraiser
46) Hillsborough clerk
Hillsborough property appraiser
55) Desoto clerk
Desoto property appraiser
56) Manatee clerk
Manatee property appraiser
57) Sarasota clerk
Sarasota property appraiser

30) Marion clerk
Marion property appraiser
38) Seminole clerk
Seminole property appraiser
39) Orange clerk
Orange property appraiser
40) Lake clerk
Lake property appraiser
41) Sumter clerk
Sumter property appraiser
47) Polk clerk
Polk property appraiser
47.5) Osceola clerk
Osceola property appraiser
53) Highlands clerk
Highlands property appraiser
54) Hardee clerk
Hardee property appraiser
Central East
37) Volusia clerk
Volusia property appraiser
49) Brevard clerk
Brevard property appraiser
50) Indian River clerk
Indian River property appraiser
51) St. Lucie clerk
St. Lucie property appraiser
52) Okeechobee clerk
Okeechobee property appraiser
58) Charlotte clerk
Charlotte property appraiser
59) Glades clerk
Glades property appraiser
62) Hendry clerk
Hendry property appraiser
63) Lee clerk
Lee property appraiser
64) Collier clerk
Collier property appraiser

60) Martin clerk
Martin property appraiser
61) Palm Beach clerk
Palm Beach property appraiser
65) Broward clerk
Broward property appraiser
66) Dade clerk
Dade property appraiser
67) Monroe clerk
Monroe property appraiser

the Flip Florida Land E-Book Bundle

Buying and Selling Tax Deeds in Florida

by Kris Kemp
[email protected]

This is the companion website for the book Make Big Profits Flipping Florida Land. If you have not finished reading the book, I suggest you go back and finish reading it. Otherwise, you might not understand this site. If you're anxious to get started though, keep the book open and refer to it while navigating this site.

Welcome to the wonderful world of buying and selling tax deed lands in Florida. Tax deed properties are those properties that can be purchased for the amount of back taxes owed. Normally, counties hold tax deed sales once a month. As there are 67 counties in Florida with most of them having a sale every month, there are lots of opportunities. In short, there are lots of lots.

You've probably heard that you need a lot of money to do this, or that it requires a lot of time and research. You can start with $2,000 - $3,000 dollars, and once you learn the steps, the research is minimal. You've probably heard that buying tax deed lands is competitive. It can be, depending on the county. However, as there are so many counties, you're likely to find a sale that's not too competitive--where you can still buy land at a very low price.

Every month, there are hundreds of properties that go up for sale in different counties of Florida. On your left, you'll see website links to county clerks and links to county property appraiser's. Click on the county clerk website links to see when the next tax deed sale is happening. Print up the information on the next sale, and highlight the parcel identification numbers attached to the sale properties. Gather information about the properties by typing in the parcel ID numbers at the property appraisers website for the same county. Take notes. Ask questions. If you have questions, call the county clerk or the property appraiser. Then, attend the sale and buy some land. For more details, read the book, Make Big Profits Flipping Florida Land, that you purchased.

1) Pick the county that interests you, by clicking on the county links (left side).
2) You can also use the Florida Counties Tax Clerk Map.
3) Visit the county clerk website.
4) Click on "tax deed sales".
5) Visit the property appraiser's website.
6) Click on the "records search".
7) Search for the property information by using the parcel identification numbers or the owner's name from the tax deed sales list.
8) Contact the county clerk or property appraisers if you have questions.
9) Verify that the tax deed sale list is current, and the tax deed sale is scheduled for the date listed. Ask if the tax deed sales are crowded.
10) Determine if you would like to attend the tax deed sale.

You'll need $2,000 - $3,000 dollars to get started doing this. The minimum amount would probably be $2,500 dollars. Even if you show up at a sale that is crowded, and the bids are being run up, don't be dismayed. Stick around. Usually, towards the end of the sale, where a few lots are left, the high rollers have gotten their land and left.

Typically, bidders are there because they have a specific parcel in mind. Once they've gotten or not gotten their parcel, they often leave. At this point, you can probably get a land lot for under $3,000 dollars, something that you could sell for $6,000 - $8,000 dollars on www.craigslist.com or www.ebay.com.

There are different standards for tax deed sales, and these vary according to county. Please contact the county clerk's office, prior to the sale, and ask them if the liens (basically debts that are attached to the property) are wiped out once the property goes to sale/auction, or if they stay attached. In some counties, liens stay. In other counties only certain liens stay. Make it a priority to find this out prior to bidding.

When I lived in Old Town, Florida, a small town in Dixie County, I would sit for hours in the office of the Dixie County Clerk's office and read over Tax Deed rolls. I would usually be there a few days a week, so much, in fact, that I got to know a lot of the employees on a first name basis. They were extremely nice and helpful to me. When you're doing research and visiting the small town Tax Clerks office and Property Appraiser's office, be friendly with the office staff. Do it without expectation. Just be nice. Be kind. Be courteous. Be respectful. The office employees are likely to reciprocate and be friendly and helpful with you as well.

Here's an example of how I search for liens, for a tax deed sale in Polk County, Florida.
1. After printing the property records for the lots, I visited the main page (www.polkcountyclerk.net).
2. At the main page, I clicked on "Official Records", on the upper left hand side of the webpage.
3. Another page opens with a few paragraphs that welcome you to the site.
4. At the bottom, middle of this page, you'll see "Official Records Search". Click it.
5. That "Official Records Search" page opens to a page with the words "PUBLIC SEARCH"
and a box that requests last name, then first name of the party you're searching.
6. Type in the last name, and the first name, think click "search."
7. A new page will appear "Search Results".
8. At the left hand side of this page, you'll see "View" links.
9. Click on these to find any liens, orders, judgements, and mortgages that may be attached to the property.
10. Once you click on "View", a new page will appear.
11. At that page, click on "Get Image". Look these over carefully. Some of these debts appear low, but have a 10% annual interest rate. If the debt is years old, this could amount to an enormous sum.

Click here for a Video Training. If you have any questions, email: [email protected] with "questions re: Flip Florida Land E-book Bundle" in the subject line.

Once you get the hang of buying tax deed properties and reselling them for a profit, you can actually do this for a living. Imagine working for yourself and selling something--Florida land--that almost everyone wants to buy. It's been said that most wealthy people have made their money from real estate and/or work for themselves. Learning how to buy and sell tax deed properties for a profit will allow you to do both of these: make money from real estate and work for yourself.

If you have any questions, feel free to e-mail me at [email protected].

These video trainings can help you with:
1. Tax Deed Sales
2. Tax Lien Sales
3. Finding out-of-state property owners who you may consider selling their property 4. How to get started finding and flipping properties with very little money

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Using Little Money or No Money of your Own
You can do this using no money of your own, by getting a family member
or friend to put up the money. You package the deal. They put up the money.
At the completion of the deal, you receive a "gift". They receive a good return
on their profits. And the client who sold you the property, gets an easy transaction
wherein you take care of everything. Your investor (family or friend) gets money,
your client gets money, you get money. Win. Win. Win.

Florida or anywhere else in the U.S.
Although this video training is primarily focused on how to find, buy, and flip
properties in Florida, one can use similar techniques to do this, probably,
anywhere in the United States. Please check your local town, village, city,
or state laws to determine the law and legal rules that may pertain to this
kind of activity. Also, contacting a lawyer or Real Estate attorney may be
prudent in order to determine the laws within the county, town, village, city
or state that you intend to research for possible tax deed sales, tax lien sales,
or any other Real Estate or property investing activity.

Intended for Personal Use
As these videos are part of the Flip Florida Land E-book Bundle, they are
intended for your viewing and, also, you are welcome to view them with
your friends and family. However, please do not post the links to these videos
online or at any other public platforms, as they are intended primarily for your
personal viewing enjoyment.

Entertainment Purposes Only
These videos are to be enjoyed for educational and entertainment
purposes only. No guarantees of success, financial or otherwise, is intended
or claimed. By watching these videos, you understand and agree that the
producer of these videos is not liable for any beliefs, decisions, or actions
that you may take as a result. Watch these videos at your own risk. The
producer of these videos is not a realtor or a broker and does not claim to
be offering any legal advice. Again, these videos are intended for educational
and entertainment purposes only. Thank you for understanding.

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